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I searched the entire Midwest to find the right electrologist to remove persistent ingrown facial hairs and deal with other issues. Virtually everywhere I looked, the signs pointed to Muncie Electrology Clinic and Tracie Disher as the best in the Midwest.

My experience has confirmed that initial opinion. Tracie has done an extraordinary job for me over the last 18 months. I could not ask for a better experience or better results. I strongly recommend Muncie Electrology Clinic and Tracie Disher as the best in the Midwest!

D. L., Fort Wayne


Thoughtless middle schoolers commenting on my daughter's facial hair lead to our discovery of Tracie at Muncie Electrology. Her professionalism and knowledge of electrolysis are exceptional, as we learned when we moved away from Indiana and tried to find another electrologist. How I wish we could have taken her with us! There are many hidden treasures in Muncie, and Muncie Electrology is certainly one of them.

JRC, Williamsburg, VA


When my daughter came home from school upset because some girls made fun of the hair on her face — I knew I needed to do something fast. I Found the Muncie Electrology Clinic on the internet and shortly after we had our first appointment. Tracie explained everything to my daughter and I. In no time at all my daughter's face was beautifully clear. The change in her was amazing. She is happy, confident, she feels good about herself and her looks.

That was then, this is now. I've been going to see Tracie, and I can't believe how really good you feel after your appointments. The treatments wipe away years of embarrassment, almost like a mini-makeover!!!

Now I actually wear lipstick, bright, glossy, lipstick .(I never did before because I sure didn't want to draw attention to the hair above my lip!!!) I am so thankful there is something out there that works, — Electrology does work.



Despite many visits to an electrologist,my facial hair seemed never to diminish,often reappearing in the same area. Then I discovered the Muncie Electrology Clinic and the genius of Tracie Disher. Her treatments have made quite a difference. Thank You Tracie!

Nora Barrett - Alexandria

My mom went through electrolysis for her moustache when I was still young. I was told then that electrosysis was the only form of permanent hair removal. I was told not to shave or pluck or wax my own budding moustache. At the age of 15 Mom started buying me bleach, and I found myself still bleaching my moustache 25 years later. I looked in the phone book and found Muncie Electrology Clinic. I called and scheduled my free consult and met Tracie. I then knew I could afford eletrolysis and Tracie would work around my schedule. Thank You Tracie. Signed, Never bleaching again!

S.A. - Muncie


For years I suffered with the embarrassment of extremely dark & heavy facial hair. I'm so thankful for Tracie & her "magic needles". Before coming to Muncie Electrology Clinic, I had tried tweezing & shaving. The only thing I accomplished by doing this was painful & infected in-grown hairs. When I started my treatments with Tracie, the treatments were for one hour twice a week. Now I come every five months for fifteen minutes, for maintenance. I have all my unwanted facial hair removed permanently. never to grow back, unlike some other hair removal treatments promise, and with NO SCARRING! I highly recommend Tracie DIsher @ Muncie Electrology Clinic. I'm proof that electrolysis works!

Vicki- Union City, OH


Through kindness, honesty, and integrity, Tracie has turned an embarrassing problem into a solvable one. When I first went to the MEC, I felt hopeless, humiliated and without any options. Tracie answered all of my questions and made sure to let me know that I wasn't alone. Now, that time seems like a million years ago. I'm thrilled with my results and now have a newfound confidence!

K.K. - Indianapolis


I have had the greatest gift in Tracie Disher. She has helped me in so many ways. She is a wonderful person who cares deeply about her patients and is truly dedicated to helping each one individually. I have tried laser hair removal treatments only to be disappointed months later. Electrolysis is the only way to permanently remove unwanted hair. Thanks Tracie!

C.S. - Albany


I was Tracie’s first patient. This was many years ago, and now I might see her once in two years for stray long hairs. Electrolysis is the only way to go. I’m a perfect example. I had tried many alternatives like plucking, waxing and laser, I was a mess. It was like a mans beard that I had created. Now I’m on what they call maintenance which I may go for two years before I need to see Tracie. Which I miss talking with her, she is so compassionate about her work, and with your concerns. After she has finished with me I feel so feminine when I leave her office. It’s wonderful there is someone like Tracie Disher who sincerely cares about her work and her patients. God Bless You Tracie Disher.

J.U. - Muncie


Electrolysis is the only way to go for permanent hair removal. I tried laser for one year, spending over $650 only to have it come right back.

J.C. - Fairmount


Tracie is very professional but also makes you feel very comfortable. I have had hair removed on various areas and have been very happy with the results. I drive from Indianapolis because I have known Tracie for many years and know she uses very sterile techniques. This is very important to me being a health care provider myself. She gives very individualized service and would recommend it. The cost is very minimal knowing the results are permanent.

Wanda Klingman - Indianapolis


I have been a Muncie Electrology Clinic client since 2001. I went because I did not like the dark excessive facial hair on my throat and upper lip and wanted a permanent solution to this problem. I stayed with MEC because electrolysis works - permanently. My treatments used to be weekly for one-hour. Now I have a one-hour treatment every nine weeks. The hair on my throat is gone and Tracie is able to focus my hour on the hair on my upper lip. Tracie Disher operates a clean, professional, and caring business and I highly recommend her services.

H.D. - Gaston


I've been seeing Tracie for hair removal over the past several years and have been very pleased with the results....excess hair has been removed literally from head to toe and several areas in between...would repeat the process again with no hesitation. Not only have I been pleased with the hair removal, but my husband no longer has the tufts of ear hair that plague so many men. He, too, is more than satisfied with the results. I tried laser hair removal before coming to Tracie....a trip to a local and very reputable doctor but with very minimal results. Decided that if I was going to spend time and money for hair removal, I would prefer it be permanent removal.

M.M. - Sweetser


Whenever I leave Tracie’s office, I feel feminine again! All my teenage years, I was embarrassed and self-conscious about my facial hair. I tried everything — tweezing, waxing, lotions, even a laser treatment — and nothing worked. Finally, when I found Tracie’s name in a phone book and started going to her, I started seeing results. Each hair she gets will never, ever grow back. It really does work! I wholeheartedly recommend Tracie Disher!!

H.E. - Anderson


I was born with no hair whatsoever, but that all changed as I grew up. It was during my late teens and early twenties that I became self conscious about the hair on my upper lip, chin, and face. Complete strangers, from little children to adults, would say something about it; not meaning to hurt my feelings, of course. Later, as a single parent raising two children I thought that I could never afford permanent hair removal. They were in all kinds of activities that seemed to take my last dime every week. By the time I had reached my late thirties, I was more self conscious than ever. I had done some research and knew that if I ever would take the step, it would be electrolysis. I saw Tracie's ad one day for a free consultation that included free hair removal and that was it; I was going to do something good for myself. Now let me tell you something. I had plucked the hair on my chin for years, so it was dark and brittle, but the hair above my lips was blonde, soft, and long. Plucking, I found, was the worst thing I could have done. But since electrolysis is permanent, those dark hairs started going away. And it worked on the soft, blonde ones, as well. I didn't tell any of my friends or family that I was going to an electrologist, and one day one of my friends said that I looked different; that I looked younger! What was I doing different? My brother even noticed it! I was elated!

I am so glad I made the decision to go to Tracie. I feel so much better about myself personally and professionally. My face is smooth, I use less make-up, and I am more confident in everything I do. The only regret I have is that I wish I would have gone to Tracie years sooner. I was so afraid I couldn't afford electrolysis, but I worked it right into my budget with little effort. It just proves that if you really want to do something, somehow it will work out. Electrolysis is permanent. I don't have hair to pluck anymore!

C.W. -Muncie


If you are considering some form of hair removal, please consider what electrolysis can offer. First, from personal experience I can say it is permanent. I was 13 when I first had electrolysis to correct a "unibrow." I am now 41, and I still have two separate eyebrows. About 15 years ago, I had another area treated by electrolysis (this time with Tracie). To this day, the hair has not come back. I am currently undergoing electrolysis again with Tracie, and I know it will give the same results. In summary, I would say three things about electrolysis: 1) It works, 2) It is very affordable, especially compared to other forms offering hair REDUCTION, 3) Tracie is a professional. She has years of experience. But most important, she makes you feel so at ease and comfortable while you are undergoing treatment.

T.B. - Yorktown


One of my New Year's resolutions is to thank people whose service I have appreciated in the past. Your name came to mind. While your professionalism has always been admired, even more so is your genuine friendliness. Whether you are working on my mother (88 years old), my niece, or myself you continue to be sensitive to our concerns and needs. Thank you for making those pesky hairs disappear permanently in a clean and friendly environment. Again, you are appreciated!

God bless, Rheta Eversman - Jonesboro

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