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I believe education is important in helping people like you to select the hair removal method that is most appropriate for your individual needs. Free educational services I offer include:

  • Consultation and complimentary trial treatment to evaluate your situation. (Electrolysis treatments are as individual as you are.)

  • MEC brochures available free of charge for those who would like to help their patients, clients, family and friends learn more about unwanted hair removal.

  • Public speaking is a service I offer free of charge for social groups and medical organizations in the Muncie area who are curious about electrolysis and other forms of hair removal. I explain away myths and misconceptions about hair growth and hair removal techniques. Please contact me to schedule.

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Permanent Hair Removal Answers from Muncie Electrology Clinic

About Electrolysis

Find out everything you want to know about electrolysis, the only method recognized as permanent hair removal by the FDA.

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Why Does It Have To Grow There? An Informal Introduction to Electrolysis - Tracie Disher

Why Does It Grow There?

Click below to read Muncie Electrology Clinic's informal introduction to electrolysis hair removal. This illustrated guide answers many of the questions you may have about permanent hair removal.

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Electrolysis: A Microscopic Viewpoint - Tracie Disher

Electrolysis Solutions

Believe it or not, your hair problems are probably typical. There are many reasons people turn to electrolysis as the best way to remove hair. Click the link below to see how electrolysis hair removal can help you!

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Electrolysis hair removal for Unwanted Hair Growth| Tracie (Lambright) Disher, LE, CPE

Causes of Unwanted Hair

There are a number of biological causes for unwanted permanent hair. Every day, people just like you choose electrolysis as a permanent, safe, and effective solution for unwanted hair.

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