Why Is That Growing There?

Causes of Unwanted Hair Growth

Causes of Unwanted Hair Growth

As an electrologist I am highly trained to recognize symptoms which may need medical attention. If a medical disorder is suspected I will advise you to have a physician evaluate the condition to rule out underlying hormonal abnormalities. If such a problem is detected, the underlying condition must be treated. Otherwise, new hairs will continue to develop, making treatments endless. I cannot diagnose or treat an underlying medical condition stimulating hair growth.

There are two major causes of excess hair growth:

  • Increased Blood Supply

    • Increased blood supply caused by skin irritation nourishes the hair and accelerates growth.
  • Hormonal Imbalance of Androgens (Hirsutism)

    • Natural Body Changes
      • Pregnancy
      • Puberty
      • Menopause
    • Emotional stress which increases adrenalin and accelerates growth
    • Medications
      • Birth Control Pills
      • Steroids
    • Medical Disorders

While the health condition may only be temporary, the hair developed is permanent. Electrolysis is the ONLY way to permanently remove this new growth of hair.

Myth Busters!

Contrary to myths and misconceptions about electrolysis, below are some truths, based on my professional expertise, personal observation in my practice at MEC, and historical evidence. Hair removal treatment by a competent electrologist assures you that...

  • • Shaving does not make your hair thicker.
  • • Tweezing and waxing does not permanently remove hair.
  • • Electrolysis does not cause your pores to enlarge.
  • • Electrolysis does not cause scarring.
  • • Electrolysis does not cause darkening of the skin.
  • • Electrolysis does not cause fine line wrinkles around your mouth.
  • • Electrolysis is permanent hair removal.

If you disagree with these statements, I urge you to discuss your discrepancies with me or ask your doctor his/her opinion. I invite you to contact me for a free consultation if you have further questions. There is no such thing as a silly or stupid question. Everything I do is for a reason. There are no secrets, the more you know the better off you are!

Shaving does not make your hair thicker.

A hair takes 8-13 weeks to grow, from the time it starts developing at the papilla (blood supply) until it gets long enough to be seen at the surface of the skin. During this growing process it has a lot of wear and tear. The hair will surface with a worn, tapered-off end. Plus all your hairs do not grow at the same speed, making them different lengths. When you cut or shave them they will suddenly be blunt, making them feel coarser and giving them the optical illusion that they are thicker & darker. Shaving is the best way to temporarily remove your hair!

Tweezing and waxing does not permanently remove hair. Electrolysis is permanent.

Hairs are constantly shedding and replacing all over your face and body just as they do on your scalp. Most people think the hair they pulled last week is the same hair they are pulling today. What is not realized... follicles can take several weeks to months to reconstruct. Once the follicle decides to produce another hair, it will take 8-13 weeks to show up at the surface of the skin. Plus, each time the follicle heals, it will strengthen a little. This can also cause distortion in the follicle (like a scar resulting from a cut) increasing your chances of developing ingrown & embedded hairs.

If you have been tweezing, you would have to stop for six months and let all the hairs grow back to see how much hair you REALLY have! Even then, all hairs will not appear that quickly due to the telogen (dormant growth cycle). You can have a hair show up for the first time up to three years later! These are far & few between, but it will happen!

Hair growth is complex no matter what method you use to remove hairs (temporary or electrolysis). All the hairs in the first three months of growth will be first timers. Then the next three months you'll go through a high low stage. If you were removing hairs with a temporary method, you will have the optical illusion that the hairs are getting sparser. In reality, if you could see under the skin, all those follicles are most likely busy healing themselves.

You wouldn't know how many hairs you have until you stop the temporary method of removal for approximately six months, giving the follicles time to heal & grow another hair. (The exceptions to this are women's eyebrows & lower legs. These are two areas that tend to thin as a women ages - it's not always the hairs you want to thin that do so. I permanently shape a lot of eyebrows with electrolysis but I do not scold women for tweezing this area. Men's eyebrows tend to get thicker with age.)

Treating the correct growth cycles are what sets electrolysis apart from all other methods of hair removal. Hair has three growth cycles:

  • Anagen is the growing cycle and is the ideal time to treat a hair.

  • Catagen is the shedding cycle, the time when a hair naturally releases from the papilla (blood supply).

  • Telegon is the dormant cycle and can be as short as a few weeks or as long as three years.

Electrolysis destroys the nourishment center (papilla - blood supply), preventing another hair from developing. However, you will need frequent treatments for the first 3-6 months (if able to clear the area each visit), due to the natural shedding and replacing of the hair. Once you get past those initial growth cycles, your appointments will taper off as progress is made. Appointments must be kept regularly in order to effectively maintain the previously cleared area. Treatment of catagen hair is thus avoided. The frequency and duration of treatments are as individual as you are. To learn more call me for a free consultation.

Electrolysis does not cause your pores to enlarge.
Electrolysis does not cause scarring.
Electrolysis does not cause darkening of the skin.
Electrolysis does not cause fine line wrinkles around your mouth.

Hair often camouflages the appearance of your skin. Once the hair is permanently removed with electrolysis you notice the existing skin imperfections.

Sometimes brown spots are noticed once the hairs are removed. This is usually chloasma, commonly known as "mask of pregnancy". This skin condition is spotty darkening of the skin, mainly noticed on the upper lip. Upon evaluation, you usually notice similar discoloration on other parts of the face you simply didn't realize you had because the hair bothered you more.

Wrinkles around the mouth (especially common among those who have smoked) are often hidden by hair and noticed once the hair is gone.

Many of you have been tweezing and waxing for years before finally coming to me for electrolysis to remove your unwanted hair forever. Most of you do not realize how much damage repeated tweezing and waxing does to your skin. Every time you pull a hair it distorts your follicle just a tad, which could eventually cause pits. These aftereffects of tweezing & waxing are often not noticed until the hair that disguised its appearance is removed.

Pits and scars caused by repeated tweezing and waxing can be mistaken as enlarged pores. Removing the hair with electrolysis usually helps the appearance of your skin.

Important note! Electrolysis is only as good as the electrologist administering your treatment! The same care should be taken when choosing an electrologist as for any other health care specialist. Ask your physician or dermatologist for recommendations.

Quality of service should be stressed. A competent electrologist will be knowledgeable of updated technology and safety standards. I'm state licensed and nationally certified. All Indiana electrologists are required to be licensed, but national certification is optional. I'm currently the only nationally certified electrologist in Indiana.

Before beginning treatments, request a consultation and ask questions. No guarantees should be made as to how long it will take to permanently clear the area, since too many variables are involved.

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