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Why I don’t offer laser hair reduction.

My professional mission is to help individuals overcome the stigma of unwanted hair. In my twenty-plus years as an electrologist I have had great success accomplishing this permanetly with electrolysis.

I have been continually evaluating the use of laser hair removal since 1985. To date, I have seen no proof that it lasts a lifetime. (Click here to read the FDA report on laser hair removal.) I also am not comfortable with some of the known risks associated with laser treatments, including hypo- & hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration).

MEC continually sees clients who tried laser in the past, but are now enjoying the permanent results of electrolysis. (see patient testimonials)

Over the last two decades I have watched laser hair reduction businesses come & go...just as the earlier electronic tweezer establishments did.

Electrolysis works — it just takes time!

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